• Electrician

    Purpose of the qualification

    The electrician’s course reflects the requirements of employers in the current electrical industry. The qualification gives students access to the electrical industry and offers them various career opportunities to consider in the field. Students acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue opportunities offered by businesses in the private sector.

    What will the students learn?

    This qualification will broaden the students’ status, productivity and career opportunities in the electrical industry. Students will get the opportunity to contribute towards quality and growth in the industry. The extensive modules of this programme will prepare students to master subject skills and to learn important life skills as well.

    The following is a condensed version of the curriculum:

    • Designing series and parallel circuits
    • Designing and wiring of distribution boards
    • Designing and wiring of wiring channels
    • Performing installation tests on wiring systems
    • Performing motor tests on single phase and three phase motors
    • Knowledge of motor starter panes (star-delta, forward / backward, and start sequence of electric motors)
    • Programming of  VSD starters
    • Knowledge of current and voltage transformers and load balancing using calculations
    • Knowledge of basic programming and wiring of basic circuits
    • Knowledge of basic electronics and the construction of smaller circuits as well as fault-finding and soldering.

    Hand skills are a very important and continuous part of the programme.

    Toolbox list for Electrician: Download here

    Curriculum: Electrician curriculum 2014

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