• Tool Jig and Die maker

    Purpose of the qualification

    Toolmakers are highly specialised artisans who should be able to produce a specific tool or jig from raw material to fine tolerances in order to minimise the cost of producing mass production components.

    What will the students learn?

    The craft of a toolmaker enables qualified people to plan and design in order to manufacture cost efficient high quality jigs and dies to be used in the production of mass-produced components, with an understanding of the automotive industry, engineering industries and precision injection moulding for the food industry.

    The following is a condensed version of the curriculum:

    • Knowledge of the tensile strength and flexibility of different metals
    • Turning with a tolerance of 0,03 mm
    • Milling with a tolerance of 0,03 mm and squareness of 0,03 mm
    • Surface grinding with a tolerance of 0,010 mm
    • Designing specialised shapes for components as well as the manufacturing of composites
    • Knowledge of the hardening processes of various types of steel
    • The construction and design of jig gauges
    • Reading and interpreting engineering drawings

    Toolbox list for Tool Jig and Die maker: Download here

    Curriculum: Tool Jig and Die maker curriculum 2014

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