Information technology ensures a future of work

Information technology is everywhere. Looking around you, you can hardly imagine the world of work (and your personal life) without it. Technology forms an integral part of what we can and cannot do and is a very dynamic and rapidly evolving playing field. Some will even reckon that technology is changing the world and unlocking a legion of future possibilities (which were not possible in the previous eras) for humanity.

With information technology forming the backbone of every business in the business, financial, medical, sales, sports, and marketing sectors, among others, the job opportunities unlocked within this are just as big. The Future of Jobs report states unequivocally that technology will disrupt 85 million jobs by 2025 but create 97 million new jobs by 2025. 

On home soil, the IT Skills Shortage Survey believes that there is currently 10 000 “difficult to fill” positions open in South Africa. WITS’s Centre for Software Engineering / Institute of Information Professionals South Africa (IITPSA) confirms that the demand for IT and network support has increased by 99%. This trend is not limited to South Africa only but is seen worldwide.

It is therefore safe to say that there certainly are jobs for young people in an IT field and that an IT qualification could open exciting opportunities now and soon. Within the digital age, new solutions for data storage, cybersecurity, network support, cloud, big data, etc. are constantly being sought.

Not only is there a high demand for well-qualified IT persons; they also have the luxury of being able to be employed in any industry. This makes it possible for IT professionals to be employed in different sectors and fields of interest, and there seek for creative solutions. Sales, finance, manufacturing, education, and training, you name it.

Sol-Tech (a private vocational training college) has since 2023 also offered IT qualifications along with its trades offering. The IT qualifications have been developed in such a way as to give young people the opportunity to qualify themselves for the future, whether they are already in a profession and looking to expand their skills, or if they are at the beginning of their career journey. Programmes can be completed at their own pace and rate, within the maximum period of one year. Weekly intakes allow access to studies at any time of the year and students can complete the qualifications online and from the comfort of their study (there is only one compulsory practical week at the Sol-Tech campus).

Students who wish to apply need a South African ID document and must be over eighteen years of age to qualify. Also, no APS score is involved. IT support and network specialists, cybersecurity specialists, and data and cloud specialists are practically trained here, using the internationally recognized CompTIA certifications as a basis. Sol-Tech also offers the certifications individually as well as the exam coupons.

Make sure you enter the dynamic IT world with the right IT qualification – apply to Sol-Tech today! Please visit for more information regarding these programmes.

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